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Recently published 12/2021

Angela Schottenhammer, “Climate, Environment, and the Spread of Diseases in Early Modern Coastal China and (South-)East Asian Maritime Space”, Guojia hanghai 国家航海, 10-year anniversary edition 27 (2021), 161-191.

Elke Papelitzky, “Shallow Water at China’s Coast: Depicting Dangers on Early Modern Chinese Maps”, Isis 112.1 (2021), 111–121.

Angela Schottenhammer, “Consolidating Southeast Asia and the Meaning of Force in History: Pax Ming and the Case of Chen Zuyi 陳祖義”, China and Asia 3 (2021), 129-167.

Vol. 3 of Crossroads – History of Interactions across the Silk Routes, Paul David Buell and Eugene N. Anderson, Arabic Medicine in China. Tradition, Innovation, and Change,

Angela Schottenhammer, “’Peruvian balsam’”: An Example of Transoceanic Transfer of Medicinal Knowledge”, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 16:69 (2020), 1-20,;

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