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Recently published 07/2022

Wim De Winter, “Silently Smuggled and Invisibly Dyed: The Trans-Pacific Smuggling of Semiprocessed Asian Textiles and Peruvian Bullion in the Spanish Colonies and at Sea, 1547-1800”, Commodities of Empire Working Paper Series – WP 35 (2022), 1-32. Also available here.

Juan Carlos González Balderas, Angela Schottenhammer, “Agustín Sánchez, a Late Sixteenth-Century Spanish Ship Surgeon Crossing the Pacific Ocean”, TRANSPACIFIC Research Notes 1:1 (2022), 1-55.

Angela Schottenhammer, Wim De Winter, Mathieu Torck, “Surgeons and Physicians on the Move in the Asian Waters (15th to 18th Centuries)”, Haiyangshi yanjiu 海洋史研究 18 (2022), 245-302.

Angela Schottenhammer, “Epidemic and Environmental Change in China’s Early Modern Maritime World during the ‘Little Ice Age’ (ca. 1500–1680)”, in Philip Gooding (ed.), Droughts, Floods, and Global Climatic Anomalies in the Indian Ocean World [Palgrave Series in Indian Ocean World Studies] (Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2022), 63-96.

Angela Schottenhammer, “Die Zheng-He-Expeditionen im Lichte ihrer ideologischen Interpretationen – inklusive einiger Bemerkungen zur Rolle von Gewalt in Geschichte und Gegenwart”, Orientierungen. Zeitschrift zur Kultur Asiens 32 (2021), 35-66.

Angela Schottenhammer, “Foreign Trade”, in The Cambridge Economic History of China, ed. by Ma Debin and Von Glahn Richard, Volume I, Part II (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022), 637-675.

Vol. 5 of Crossroads – History of Interactions across the Silk Routes, Giovanna Lelli (ed.), Mathematics and Physics in Classical Islam Comparative Perspectives in the History and the Philosophy of Science,

Angela Schottenhammer, “Climate, Environment, and the Spread of Diseases in Early Modern Coastal China and (South-)East Asian Maritime Space”, Guojia hanghai 国家航海, 10-year anniversary edition 27 (2021), 161-191.

Elke Papelitzky, “Shallow Water at China’s Coast: Depicting Dangers on Early Modern Chinese Maps”, Isis 112.1 (2021), 111–121.

Angela Schottenhammer, “Consolidating Southeast Asia and the Meaning of Force in History: Pax Ming and the Case of Chen Zuyi 陳祖義”, China and Asia 3 (2021), 129-167.

Vol. 3 of Crossroads – History of Interactions across the Silk Routes, Paul David Buell and Eugene N. Anderson, Arabic Medicine in China. Tradition, Innovation, and Change,

Angela Schottenhammer, “’Peruvian balsam’”: An Example of Transoceanic Transfer of Medicinal Knowledge”, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 16:69 (2020), 1-20,;

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