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Video documentation introducing our ERC AdG TRANSPACIFIC database platform, by Robbe Viville and Kenzo Milleville

Download TRANSPACIFIC database platform introduction

Podcast by Mariano A. Bonialian: Conexiones entre las dos Indias. Expediciones transpacíficas y agencia perulera, 1570-1610

Podcast by Marina Torres Trimállez: Trafficking girls and Catholic missionary networks in the South China Sea

Scurvy legs

Podcast by Mathieu Torck: Scurvy

Podcast by Carlos Gonzalez Balderas: La creación del asiento de la farmacia real en Manila. Una mirada al comercio de medicinas a través del Galeón de Manila (1717–1723)

The narcotic plant called "picietl" in Náhuatl - also known as Aztec tobacco.

Podcast: The Case of Agustín Sánchez, Part 2—a Transpacific Surgeon’s Medical Practice, Inventory, and Books on Board the Manila Galleon

Podcast: The Case of Agustín Sánchez, Part 1—Medical Practice on Board the Manila Galleon

Podcast: Maritime Disasters, Risk Appraisals, and Exchanges of Medicinal Knowledge in Maritime East Asia

Podcast: https://www.appraisingrisk.com/2020/12/02/schottenhammer-maritime-disasters-risk-appraisals-and-exchanges-of-medicinal-knowledge-in-maritime-east-asia/