Shanghai University 上海大学

Centre for the History of Economic Interactions

At Shanghai University 上海大学 we are establishing a “Centre for the History of Economic Interactions” 经济交往史研究所 that constitutes part of the CRC (Crossroads Research Centre).

Ghent University

Department of Geography

The Department of Geography of the University of Ghent is our cooperation partner and co-beneficiary of the ERC AdG TRANSPACIFIC.

Affiliated Partners

Philippe De Maeyer

Affiliated Partner

James Warren

James Warren

James Warren

Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University

Slavery Studies; Social, Economic and Environmental History of Insular Southeast Asia since 1750

McGill University

Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC)

We are closely cooperating with the Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC), at the History Department of McGill University, directed by Prof. Dr. Gwyn Campbell.

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