Intern- and Traineeships

Do you want to work with the ERC AdG TRANSPACIFIC team?

ERC AdG Transpacific


Interested to get involved in an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars working on early modern TRANSPACIFIC relations and become part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual ERC AdG team?

TRANSPACIFIC welcomes students and researchers willing to contribute to the project with an internship, as Pre-Doctoral Research Assistants/Contributors, through remote collaborations or working at either KU Leuven or UGent. The research assistantships (internships or traineeships) are part-time positions focused on a specific research assignment usually lasting from 3 to 6 months.

If you are interested in working with 16th to 18th-century archival documents of all kinds (from manuscripts to maps and visual sources), transcribing, translating, and editing historical manuscripts, putting together bibliographical references on certain aspects of the project, collecting data for our database (digital humanities), or just engage with one specific text, map, shipwreck or any other project-related source, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possible research topics.

Your contribution can also provide you with an ideal basis for a future bachelor, master, or PhD thesis. Internships are possible as part of our curriculum in History at the Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven, or as part of the curriculum in Sinology or Japanology at the Faculty of Arts, UGent, or as an independent traineeship. After completion, we will issue a certificate specifying your particular intern- or traineeship contribution to TRANSPACIFIC.

Although no financial support will be granted, some funding opportunities exist, such as the Erasmus program, COST short-term scientific missions, and the “Visit to ERC grantee” Fellowship Programmes. These are available in many countries.

If you are not a master student of KU Leuven or a student of UGent, please follow the procedure for Intern- and Traineeships TRANSPACIFIC.

Information for master students of the History Department, KU Leuven, Research Group ‘Early Modern History’, can be found here.

With our TRANSPACIFIC Research Notes, we also offer you the possibility to publish your results and make your contribution internationally visible.

Possible fields of expertise and research:

Chinese, Japanese or Southeast Asian Studies; Latin American Studies; Early Modern History; Maritime Archaeology; Environmental and Climate History; Historical Geography; History of Science (e.g. Medicine, Botany, Geography, Navigation, Shipbuilding).

Please contact the coordinators of the TRANSPACIFIC internships, Angela Schottenhammer and Mathieu Torck, for further information.