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Giraffe 瑞應麒麟圖

Podcast: Zheng He 鄭和 (1371–1435) and the Arab world

Podcast: Alexander Jost about Arab sources on the Zheng He 鄭和 (1371–1435) expeditions; hosted by Angela Schottenhammer.

Giraffe 瑞應麒麟圖

Giraffe brought from Africa by the Zheng He fleet

Reconstruction of Zheng He’s 鄭和 (1371–1435) seven expeditions into the Indian Ocean.

Reconstruction of Zheng He’s 鄭和 (1371–1435) seven expeditions into the Indian Ocean. Courtesy of Hong Kong Inspiration Design House and Tansen Sen

Extract from the “Mao Kun 茅坤 Map”, usually referred to in modern Chinese sources as “Zheng He’s Navigation Map”, in Chinese “Zheng He hanghai tu” 鄭和航海圖. It is a set of navigation charts, published in the Ming 明 dynasty (1368–1644) military treatise Wubei zhi 武備志 (1621), by Mao Yuanyi 茅元儀 (1594–1640)

Extract from Taʼrīkh al-Yaman fī al-Dawlah al-Rasūlīyah (BNF, MS arabe 4609), which mentions the arrival of Chinese ships

Dome of the Ashrafiya Mosque in Taizz, example of Rasulid architecture


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