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Recently published 11/2020

Angela Schottenhammer, “’Peruvian balsam’”: An Example of Transoceanic Transfer of Medicinal Knowledge”, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 16:69 (2020), 1-20,;

Crossroads 19 has been published,

Angela Schottenhammer, “Connecting China with the Pacific World?”, Orientierungen. Zeitschrift zur Kultur Asiens 31 (2019), 111-170.

Vol. 2 of Crossroads – History of Interactions across the Silk Routes, Paul David Buell, Eugene N. Anderson, Montserrat de Pablo Moya, and Moldir Oskenbay, Crossroads of Cuisine. The Eurasian Heartland, the Silk Roads and Food,

Vol. 3 is coming soon: Paul David Buell and Eugene N. Anderson, Arabic Medicine in China. Tradition, Innovation, and Change,

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